Positive Working Environment
TF-AMD strongly belives Positive Working Environment will influent employee's performance as well as commitment.
TF-AMD value and appreciate the talents with offering highest recognition award for greatest achievements and cares for corporate social responsibility.
Career Development
TF-AMD cares for employee's career development by offering wide range of training programs, workshops in order to sharpen and excels employee's skillset.
TF-AMD also treats employees with respect and giving competitive salary and benefits to help in reducing employee's life burden.
Employees of TF-AMD are always passion about what they are doing and are determine to become the best version of themselves.
TF-AMD is a work-place where integrity is important because integrity is the most valuable and most important qualities in order to produce a good and honest product.


Women in the workforce become a social norm in 21st century. However women have been faced INEQUALITY TREATMENT in the workplace. TF AMD believe that the best way to improve the workplace and help women make smarter decisions about what companies they want to work for. TF AMD treating people with dignity and providing equal employment and advancement opportunities for all employees. Meanwhile, TF AMD offer mother-friendly environment equipped with comfortable facilities in the plant. The objective is to support and empower women while providing respectful & create the sense of belonging among employees.

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TF AMD Nursing Room

TF AMD facilitate private and comfortable nursing room where a nursing mother can express breast milk for her baby to promote breast feeding program with adequate temporarily storage and furniture.

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Resting Chair Area

TF AMD resting chair has been placed in designated area to ensure employees and pregnant ladies able to have a short break to combat their fatigue especially in production area and office’s corridor.

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TF AMD Expectant Mother Parking Area

TF AMD is providing a parking area closer proximity to expectant mother’s primary destination. This show our caring to those who might be experiencing some of common symptoms of pregnancy.


Why should woman join TF AMD?

TF AMD is a great place to work, people are friendly and helpful. Everyone is given equal opportunity to speak up and share their ideas. Respect and integrity is very important at any working environment and TF AMD is a living working place!

HR Sr. Learning & Development Specialist

TF AMD is a mother-friendly environment with well facilities and providing resting area in production area which help me a lot especially as a pregnant lady.

Operator of Test, Mark and Pack Engineering Department

TF AMD is a great place to work as everyone here is helpful, supportive and good team work. Good team work is important to have more efficiency and better quality work by bring all people together.

Manager Product Development Engineer

Corporate Social Responsibility

Covid-19 has been spread and unprecedented across the globe and it has shocked and bring the negative impact on the world economic structure.

During the pandemic, TF AMD Penang is taking the opportunity by giving a helping hand to those who need help. TF AMD Penang has visited underprivileged families and Orphanage “Pusat Jagaan Permata Kasih” located in Penang.

During the visitation, we followed the Malaysia Government guideline and practicing the social distancing principles while executing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. We have donated the essential household items to the underprivileged families and Orphanage, to show our care and assist them to go through the challenging moment and fight against COVID-19. In conjunction of “Hari Raya 2020” TF AMD Penang had given the “Duit Raya” to the orphans with age between 4 to 12 years old.

TF AMD Penang has given 6 Desktops to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Guar Perahu Indah on 23 Sept 2020.

The objective of the donation is to equip the school facility as well as helping the teachers to educate the student with the new learning norm of online provision especially during current Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

The initiative is focusing to improve the society and contribute towards sustainable learning development of human capital.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

In recent years, the threat of climate change has become increasingly apparent, highlighting the urgent need for global action. One effective approach to combating climate change is by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Committing to greenhouse gas reduction is not just a responsibility; it is a necessary step towards securing a sustainable future. By understanding the importance of greenhouse gas reduction, setting clear goals, implementing effective strategies, and forging collaborations, we can work together to combat climate change and protect our planet for generations to come. Let us take the lead in this global effort and demonstrate our commitment to a greener, healthier, and more sustainable world.

TF AMD Penang is committed to preserve the environment in the course of assembling and testing semiconductor products and controlling the use of resources in manufacturing and related activities. This is also in line with Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) requirement. TF AMD Penang is an ISO14001 certified company, our environmental management system helps maintain a safe and healthy environment for our employees, while ensuring our commitment to environmental responsibility. To achieve these goals, our environmental management programs comply with relevant environmental legislation rules and regulations prescribed by our country in which we do our business.

TF AMD Penang Environmental Goal

Our goal is to reduce carbon emissions from our operations (scope 1 and 2) by 25% in 2025 and this was established based on 2020 baseline data. This is aligned with the SBTi (Science Based Target initiative).

We worked with our local utility provider to subscribe GET (Green Electricity Tariff) in February 2022. This has enabled us to embark on renewable energy.

We are also explored on solar energy and implemented in October 2022 to support in the reduction of GHG emission.

Green Electricity Tariff Certificate


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