Talent Referral Program

TF AMD Penang’s Talent Referral Program need your power and professional network to introduce us your talented family, friends and etc. about the great career opportunity in TF AMD Penang.

TF AMD Microelectronics (Penang) Sdn. Bhd. is the 1st company in the world to assemble and test the leading microprocessor. The remarkable world class assembly and test for the Multichip Module (MCM) microprocessor has been successfully manufactured at TF AMD since 2019. TF AMD Penang offers the competitive salary, awesome benefits and conducive working environment, where the talent able to unleash the potential, devote career development and grow professionally with the advanced leading-edge semiconductor and ground breaking technology company.

Let’s refer brilliant talent for our engineering team, in order to receive the impressive cash awards up to RM 2,000! Please fill up the form and upload candidate’s resume to be entitled to the award.

TF AMD Penang HR Department shall contact you if the candidate is being shortlisted in the specific positions.

Your referral is subject to the terms & conditions of TF AMD Penang Talent Referral Program. Please read the terms & conditions at this link.

You can find TF AMD Penang Talent Referral Program Form here.

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