Women in the workforce become a social norm in 21st century. However women have been faced INEQUALITY TREATMENT in the workplace. TF AMD believe that the best way to improve the workplace and help women make smarter decisions about what companies they want to work for. TF AMD treating people with dignity and providing equal employment and advancement opportunities for all employees. Meanwhile, TF AMD offer mother-friendly environment equipped with comfortable facilities in the plant. The objective is to support and empower women while providing respectful & create the sense of belonging among employees.

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TF AMD Nursing Room

TF AMD facilitate private and comfortable nursing room where a nursing mother can express breast milk for her baby to promote breast feeding program with adequate temporarily storage and furniture.

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Resting Chair Area

TF AMD resting chair has been placed in designated area to ensure employees and pregnant ladies able to have a short break to combat their fatigue especially in production area and office’s corridor.

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TF AMD Expectant Mother Parking Area

TF AMD is providing a parking area closer proximity to expectant mother’s primary destination. This show our caring to those who might be experiencing some of common symptoms of pregnancy.


Why should woman join TF AMD?
  • TF AMD is a great place to work, people are friendly and helpful. Everyone is given equal opportunity to speak up and share their ideas. Respect and integrity is very important at any working environment and TF AMD is a living working place!

    HR Sr. Learning & Development Specialist
  • TF AMD is a mother-friendly environment with well facilities and providing resting area in production area which help me a lot especially as a pregnant lady.

    Operator of Test, Mark and Pack Engineering Department
  • TF AMD is a great place to work as everyone here is helpful, supportive and good team work. Good team work is important to have more efficiency and better quality work by bring all people together.

    Manager Product Development Engineer

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